Meet Lauren + J.C.

Photography by Simply Captivating

Wedding Date: November 29, 2008

Ceremony Location: Saint Agnes Catholic Church

Reception Location: Rusty Pelican Restaurant

Wedding Style: Mostly traditional with some chic twists

Wedding guests: 250

Stylish Events: How did you and J.C. meet?

Lauren : J.C. and I met at Club Menage on South Beach in 2003. He asked me to dance and he's been my only dancing partner ever since!

S.E. : When was your first official date?

L: August 28, 2003 (1 week after we first met). We went to the movies at CocoWalk to watch American Wedding.

S.E. : Mention 3 things you have in common:

L: We are both ambitious, stubborn and sometimes too passionate.

S.E. : When/How did you know he has THE one?

L: I took a trip up to New York City with my mom and some friends. At the time J.C. was going to college and playing baseball in New Jersey. While I was visiting NYC, J.C. took the train to see me each and every night. He would stay up with me all night talking and leave before the sun came up to take the train and be back in New Jersey in time for his 6am workouts and class. The last night as I watched him from the hotel window walking towards Penn Station to get the train, I got the feeling he could be the one.

S.E. : What was your reaction when he proposed?

L: "What are you doing? What are you doing?" Those were my first words as he started bending down to get on his knee. Then, of course, I finally said yes!

S.E. : Favorite aspect of planning?

L: J.C. will probably say the cake tasting but I would have to say it was finally finding my dress. I had nearly given up hope that "she" was out there, but the moment I saw it, I knew that would be the dress I would get married in... never mind the fact I had already bought a dress :) J.C. and I also really enjoyed the marriage preparation we did with a couple from the church. We highly recommend this for all couples!

S.E. : What do you look forward to the most in on your Wedding Day?

L: I am most looking forward to seeing J.C.'s face when the church doors open and hearing him recite his vows.

S.E. : Give one piece of advice to recently engaged brides who are starting to plan their weddings.

L: Enjoy every second of your engagement and include your fiance as much as you can.

Lauren and J.C. will be toasting to many years of happiness together and I'm
honored to be a part of their Big Day. I've had nothing but a great experience
with Lauren and her family. They're awesome! and I'm anxiously anticipating
what will be a gorgeous Wedding.
*****{ Photography credit to Simply Captivating}*****

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