Muneerah + Joseph
Westin Colonnade Coral Gables Wedding

I'm thrilled to share the images from this Wedding with you. Thanks to Ashley Colhouer for always spoiling me with amazing photos!

I first met Muneerah and Joseph while I coordinated a Wedding at the Westin Colonnade. They passed by to look at the set up, as they would also be getting married there a few months later. Joseph mentioned his interest in bringing someone aboard to help his fiance with the Planning. I thought that was sweet! I gave them my business card, heard from them a few weeks later and we started working right away!

I truly enjoyed working with Muneerah and Joseph. They're laid back, always open to opinions and just totally in love! They chose to go traditional and opt-out of a First Look to make the Ceremony that much more special. Their Big Day flowed smoothly and went without a hitch. Take a look:

Miami Wedding Planner: Bridesmaids Gift

Dr. Scholls Fast Flats

Still trying to firgure out what else to throw into your Bridesmaids totes? Let me help you out. We can all relate to those sexy heels becoming a nightmare when you are having a great time on the dancefloor. Well, here's a practical and stylish solution!

Hook your Bridesmaids up with these foldable pair of black flats. They bring their own pocket-size gold wristlet that makes it easy to carry.  Your girls will love this! They can get rid of the heels, switch into these comfy pair and keep dancing the night away!

Miami Wedding Planner: Vendor Meals

Wedding Vendor Meals. In true tweet peep terms, this is a trending topic. I know a lot of Brides have questions regarding Vendor Meals so I wanted to give you some insight on this like I did on my post about Tipping Vendors. I'll share my take based on the norm and general rules of thumb. This is not necessarily the right or wrong way.

|Who to provide Vendor Meals for|
As a Wedding Planner, I recommend providing a meal for any vendor that you hired to work during the Reception. The common professionals are your Photographer(s), Videographer(s), DJ or Band members and Day-Of Coordinator(s) -only if you have hired your own (I hope you did and I will tell you why shortly). These are usually the vendors present during Dinner and it is nice to offer them something to refuel. After all, most of them are with you at least from 6-10 hours that day and the last thing you want is your photographer passing out and missing a shot of you and your hubby 's sparkler send-off. Right?

|Hot Meals|
A term you will probably hear when discussing vendor meals is "hot meal". This refers to a hot Entreé rather than a sandwhich and chips for Dinner. Most vendors request this in their Contract nowdays. Read your Contracts thoroughly so you are fully aware of what you agreed to provide and make arrangements with your Venue or Caterer accordingly. Just to clarify, the hot meals that your Venue or Caterer offers may not necessarily be the same choice as your Main Entreé. For example, if you are doing a 4-course meal and your main entreé is Lobster or a Surf & Turf duo, your vendor meals might be a chef's choice of Chicken Entreé. This will vary based on the Venue or Caterer specialty. Rule of thumb is providing the same type of meal for all vendors.

The Daily Green

|Vendor Meal Pricing|
Something that most Brides don't know when they start Planning their Wedding is that vendor meals are priced different than regular guest meals.They are usually discounted by Venues and Caterers, mostly for the reason I explained above. Current prices range from $25 - $50 in the Miami Wedding Industry, depending on the type of meal and Venue or Caterer. Be sure to consult about pricing and menu choices for Vendor meals with your Venue or Caterer.

This is an aspect of the Wedding where having your own Wedding Planner or Day-Of Coordinator really pays off, among many others. But since we are talking about vendor meals, I will stick to the topic.  

I'm particularly meticulous when it comes to ensuring that my colleagues are taken care of, and many can attest to that. As a professional myself, I know the Day-Of gets pretty hectic behind the scenes. We are all a team and our common goal is to produce a seamless and successful Event for you, the client.

I make arrangements so they are provided with a hot meal and I'm adamant about trying to get them served at the same time that the Bride & Groom are having Dinner. Some Venues and Caterers don't understand the reason behind this, but it's pretty simple.  If you and your vendors eat at the same time, they will be up and running when you finish, which minimizes the possibility of missing a candid moment. Please ask your Venue or Caterer to honor this request. Side note: Guests don't feel comfortable having their picture taken while they are eating. That's why this is a great opportunity to utilize this time for vendor meals.

When vendor meals have been served after all guests, I've had Bride & Grooms walk into the room and pull out a photographer while eating to capture something that just spontaneously happened. 

As far as where vendors seat for Dinner, most prefer a location in near proximity to your Reception so they can still be aware of what's going on but have a bit of privacy to take their break. That is ideal. I personally think sitting with guests might make for an awkward moment, not only conversation wise but also because the menu usually differs. On another note, keep in mind that your Venue will charge for each place setting, chair (chivary or cover) and if you have to do an entire vendor table then tablecloth and centerpieces charges apply. I really think the first option is the most comfortable for vendors anyway.

|Not providing a Vendor Meal?|
If you are not providing a meal for your vendor, they may have stipulated in their Contract that they will have to leave the Reception to purchase a meal elsewhere. Some vendors have added this clause to their Contracts because believe it or not, it has happened. I agree they are entitled to. Most venues prepare for meals based on the final count you give them the week-of not "A-la-carte"so if you didn't arrange for them, chances are they won't be able to accomodate last-minute requests. Therefore, the only option left for the vendor is to leave the premises to purchase a meal nearby.

Just as everything else in life, I think courtesy goes a long way! It's also important to to make sure your Vendors are working in the most accomodating environment so they perform at their best and in return, this will benefit your Event and eventually the products and services being provided to you.

If you any questions I didn't cover in this post, feel free to email me at info {at} stylishevents {dot} net. If you'd like to leave your feedback on this topic, you can do so in the Comments section.

Handbag Love

I had been looking for a new handbag. You know, with Fall being finally here,  a girl deserves to wear something new for the season, right?

I'm not the type of person that changes purse everyday. I just don't have time for that. I usually choose something big enough or comfy enough that I can use on a daily basis. I had seen this Big Buddah satchel (Mia) in The Oprah Magazine and fell in love with the look. Isn't it fabulous? I had to have it.

So, I began my search. I went into different stores trying to find either the same one or at least something with a similar design. I also didn't want to buy any purse just because it was black or popular. I wanted it to feel like me. And this was it.

I grew frustrated after a couple of weeks of coming up empty handed. I had come accross some that looked like it, but I either didn't like the material or the design didn't thrill me. Don't you hate when this happens? You're looking for something and you just can't seem to find it. I sort of gave up. But Rod would soon change that.

I longer have to keep lookin'. My awesome hubby bought it for me this past weekend and I couldn't be more excited!!! Kuddos to Rod for knowing how to please a wife. After all they say, "Happy wife, Happy Life", right? :)

Movies and Social Media

Rod & I are huge movie watchers. I mean, huge. We either make it a Blockbuster night at home or a date night at the movies. Either way, we love to keep up with the top box-office hits. I had seen previews of The Social Network - the story behind Facebook - and knew we had to watch it, specially with all the buzz it has created.

So, on Saturday after a much-needed shopping spree with my mom, I told Rod that I wanted to go watch it. He looked up the next showing time and just like that, we were at the movie theater munching on curly fries and hot dogs.

You are not alone .... I, too, am addicted to Facebook!! There, I said it. It has become the best way to keep up with family, friends and c'mon let's admit it, we all love going through people's pics and find out who's on their friend list, etc.

We enjoyed the movie! It's engaging and keeps you interested. It has a bit of comedy and drama and the story line was great. Overall a great film. I think it's mind-blowing how a genious idea has truly changed the world we live in. To some for good, to others not so much. Facebook can become a tool or a nightmare, depending on the way you choose to use it.

I'm still learning about social media myself and I think we will just never be able to catch up. There's always something new and someone coming up with a new idea that tops the one you're starting to get used to. Did you watch The Social Network yet? What did you think?

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