Meet Sue + Bentley

Photography by Gregory Paul

Wedding Date: December 28th, 2008
Ceremony Location: Doral Golf Resort
Reception Location: Doral Golf Resort
Engagement period : 1 year

Stylish Events: How did you and Bentley meet?
Sue: Bentley and I met as friends while we were in middle school.

S.E: Where are you and Bentley from?
S: I'm born and raised in Miami and Bentley's from Indonesia

S.E: Did you have to adjust to each other's culture?
S: No adjustment needed as we both share the same culture

S.E: How long did you date before getting engaged?
S: 14 years

S.E: Describe the proposal.

S: Bentley informed me that a good friend was visiting town with his girlfriend and wanted to meet up for dinner. I work in downtown Miami and was on my way to pick up Bentley to head up to Ft. Lauderdale.
Then he calls me to tell me he was already there in the hotel hanging out with his friend. I was mad...told him I'm not rushing up there in the midst of south Florida rush hour. He asked nicely and I continued on my way.
I called him when I got to the Hyatt Pier 66. He tells me to come up to room # (I forgot the room #) since he was busy watching the football game with his friend. I was furious by now after battling the horrific south Florida traffic to get there. As I approached the room I could hear Bentley's voice thru the cracked door (you think I should have figured it by now). I knocked and pushed the door open and there he was at the end of a trail of rose petals on one knee. The silly guy couldn't find loose rose petals, so he hand-plucked each petal. He also learned to fold bath towels into 2 swans kissing.
Of course I said yes.

S.E: What was the first thing you planned for the Wedding?
S: It toook the longest time to decide on a date

S.E: Favorite aspect of planning?
S: I love it all. Meeting my share of great people along the way has been a blessing to us.

S.E: Least favorite?
S: The cost associated with it.

S.E: Give one piece of advice to recently engaged brides who are starting to plan their weddings:
S: I definitely would recommend having Karla as your planner. She is great to work with. She goes beyond the call of duty and much more. Having her help with this wedding was the best thing decision that we made.

Sue & Bentley's Wedding is almost here.It will definitely be a beautiful and unique Wedding I can't wait to be a part of. :)All the details have been perfectly incorporated to represent Sue & Bentley's culture.They also have a great team of vendors working together for their Big Day.

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