Meet Helen + Donald

Photography by Gregory Paul

Wedding Date: 01/17/09
Bride's age: 23
Groom's age: 27
Ceremony & Reception Location: The Rusty Pelican
Engagement period: 1 year, 1 month almost to the day!

S.E: What did you think of Donald when you met him?
Helen: On our first date, I thought he was so quiet and shy – little did I know!

S.E: Tell us 3 facts about yourselves

H: We’re dog people – completely!
We think we’re rock stars thanks to Rock Band. And we have completely opposite tastes in music – I love the classics and mellow music, Donald loves everything rock: hardcore, metal, punk – thankfully our tastes come together when it counts, like reception music!

S.E: How did you react when he proposed? Did you expect it?
H: I was straight out giddy! I don’t think there’s any better way to put it – I was grinning the entire rest of the night! I was expecting to get engaged soon, but I had no idea he would propose that day. He was very stealthy about getting help from my friends, too!

S.E: How long did you date before getting engaged?
H: 6 ½ years

S.E: Finish this sentence: I can't wait 'til my Wedding Day to...

H: ....be able to say, “Yeap, this is my husband,” and to see him in his tux for the first time as he sees me in my dress. Oh, and to see all those painstaking details come together, of course!

* * *

S.E: Give one piece of advice to recently engaged brides who are starting to plan their weddings.
H: There’s so much advice to give to new bride-to-be’s...I think my top piece of advice would be to surround yourself with positive people when [wisely!] choosing your bridal party...as you start planning early! It’s never too early! Specially for the DIY stuff. Okay, I think I made that a couple of pieces of advice in one run-on sentence ;]

Helen & Donald are this weekend's couple and I look forward to being part their Big Day! :)I love that they are a very laid back and unique couple and so will their Wedding be.

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