Meet Harmoine + Nicolas

Photography by Jon Paciaroni

Wedding Date: May 30, 2009

Ceremony Location: Miami Beach (around 1st and Ocean Drive)

Reception Location: Spire Lounge at The Hotel on South Beach

Engagement Period: about 10 months

Stylish Events: How did you and Nicolas meet?
Harmoine: We technically met in middle school, but didn't actually start talking until the second semester of our Senior year of high school. Nicolas asked me to prom, which is what started everything.

S.E: A fun fact about yourselves?
H: Our first date was prom, which was a little weird, but ended up being a really fun night. At our after prom party we ended up getting a marriage license which expired after 30 seconds or 30 feet which ever came first. Kinda funny to think we are getting the real one now.

S.E: Tells us about the Proposal
Nicolas and I had been together for about 7 1/2 years and were talking about how the time felt right. He originally wanted to pick out a ring himself without me knowing, then decided there were so many rings out there and asked me to come with him. When we found my ring I knew right away but Nicolas wanted me to think about it over night to be sure. We went back the next day and a couple who was helped right before us bought the ring we wanted. They had to order another one and it came in later that week. He asked me to marry him right at the jewelery counter (really romantic).

S.E: What was your reaction?
H: I was so excited. This is something I had been waiting for and the timing could not have been more perfect. I could not have asked for a better person to spend the rest of my life with.

S.E: Why did you choose to have a Destination Wedding?
H: Nicolas and I have always wanted a destination wedding. I have personally always wanted a beach wedding after watching all those Elivs movies as a child. The hard part was deciding which destination to have our wedding. After going to South Beach, we knew it was perfect. The retro feel is so us.

S.E: How difficult has it been planning from Colorado?
H: It was really difficult when I was trying to plan without ever seeing South Beach or having a planner. After our visit to South Beach I had a better idea of what we wanted and where everything was. It was still hard at times to remember the layout or specific locations, but having someone there who could check into it for me was crucial. I could not have planned this wedding without Karla's help. She was pretty much my eyes down there.

S.E: What was the first thing you planned?
H: Other than choosing the location, the first thing I researched was the location for the reception. We fell in love with The Hotel online and more in love when I met the staff and saw Spire Lounge and it's breathtaking views. I also researched and booked our wedding planner the same day so I guess it was more of a tie between the two.

S.E: What has been your favorite check during the Planning Process?
H: Finding my wedding dress! I truly enjoyed trying on wedding gowns (although finding them in my price range was more difficult than I thought). I knew the moment I tried my dress on it was the one. It is a little more formal than I thought I would want for a beach wedding, but it is so me. It fit perfectly and only needed to be hemmed.

S.E: What has been your least favorite?
I think trying to get the permit for the beach ceremony. There is a lot of wait time, which I am not a very patient person. It was hard to book other vendors for the ceremony without knowing the exact location. We now have the perfect location with a permit so it worked out fine.

S.E: Finish this sentence:
H: "I can't wait til my Wedding Day...."
to marry my best friend in front of our closest friends and family. I can't wait to see Nicoals' face when I am walking down the aisle and know that this is the start of our lives together.

S.E: Give a piece of advice to recently engaged couples:
H: Enjoy the planning process and don't let the stress get to you. Don't forget that the end goal is to marry the love of your life. There is a lot of pressure to please everyone when you are planning a wedding, but remember that this wedding is to acknowledge the vow you two are making to each other. Enjoy every moment!

It has been great to work with Harmoine along the Planning process and being her eyes when booking vendors and making decisions. They have entrusted me to plan and prepare their Big Day and it has been a pleasure. Harmoine & Nicolas booked my first Destination Wedding and I am looking forward to their beautiful Wedding this Saturday.

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