Sue & Bentley's Asian Flare Wedding

Sue and Bentley's Wedding was very unique and full of tradition.
I absolutely love couples who incorporate their cultures into the
Wedding details because it makes it so much personal to them
and their families.
The Wedding took place at the Doral Resort and had
three different locations: one for the Ceremony,
one for the Cocktail Hour and one for the Reception.
It had a beautiful view to the Golf Course and its lakes.
The room was filled with white padded chairs,
which had green orchid pews on the aisle.

We created a Focal Point with white columns
in 2 different sizes draped with sheer fabric and
4 gorgeous floral arrangements.

The crafty bride personalized the aisle runner
with their Monogram.

Here is a close-up:

The Floral Arrangements:

The Chairs were set-up was split towards the back
because the Bridal Party would enter from the left side of
the room and the Bride would do a surprise entrance for
from a door in the back.

The guests were wowed! :)

The Reception Set-Up
We arrived really early to make sure everything
was set-up just as the Bride requested it and to
take care of all the Bride's DIY items.

Soon after we arrived, the Florist delivered
all Personal flowers for the Bride & Bridal
Party as well as the Reception's

Shortly after the Florist, ABCover Designers
arrived with the Elegant burgundy linens
the Bride chose for the tables.


In the Chinese culture, the Bride & Groom serve
tea to their parents and the elder members of
the Family.

This table and chairs were set-up for
this Chinese Wedding tradition
along with a Tea pot and Tea cups,
property of Sue's grandma.

Another personal touch to the Wedding was
this "Favor Wedding Cake" formed by
favor boxes in the shape of cake slices.
These were filled with chocolate.

It was really special for Sue because her
uncle brought it all the way from Hong-Kong,
carrying it in the plane for her.
This goes to proof that family is willing
to do anything just to make your Day
much more special.

The Place card table was set-up just outside
the Ballroom, decorated with orchid-filled cylinders,
an orchid plant and then the Ceremony arrangements
were brought to this table.


White fondant accentuated with fresh orchids
by Ana Paz.

Note the cute asian couple figurine the
Bride & Groom ordered custom made.

To add a wow effect to the Cake,
the stand was created by glass square
vases filled with orchids and LED lights.

And check out the Final Look of
the entire Ballroom:
The Head Table
In the Asian culture, the Bride & Groom sit
at the Head table with their parents and
elder members of the Family, in this case
Sue's grandma.

Their Wedding Colors were Burgundy & Gold
incorporating the Chinese culture (red & gold).

The Centerpieces were orchid plants.
They looked simply elegant, orchids
don't need much to look sophisticated.

The chairs had a burgundy cover with
an gold-accented organza sash.

The gold polyester napkins were folded
into a pocket to display the DIY Menu
and a gold orchid.

Sue came up with a great idea to give away
the Centerpieces to her Guests.
We hid a card under a randomly picked chair
at each table. At the end of the night,
whoever had the card owned the Centerpiece.

Sue wore a gorgeous white Wedding gown
for the Ceremony and after Dinner, she changed
into a red traditional Chinese dress and
Bentley wore a Chinese outfit as well.

Once they had changed, they did the Tea Ceremony.

After some dancing, it was time for the
Bouquet Toss. Sue did it differently as well!
I'm telling you this Wedding was very unique.
I loved it!
The single ladies sorrounded the Bride, anf started
spinning around her. She had her eyes closed and
when they stopped, whoever was in front of her,
got the Bouquet.
This is a great way of making your friends participate
without having to go "Bride-wars" like for
the Bouquet. :)

Then, it was time for Bentley to remove
the garter from his wife...

And toss it ...

They shared a Chinese last song with their guests.

Sue & Bentley, it was an honor to be part of such a Beautiful and unique Wedding.
You two make a great couple and we wish you the best for many years to come.
Thank you for everything!!! We truly enjoyed sharing your Special Day with you.

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