Helen & Donald's Wedding

I'll begin by saying how much we loved coordinating this Wedding.

Helen & Donald are an amazing couple! The first time we met, we clicked right away. Helen is such sweet and down-to-earth person. Donald is from Nicaragua (and so am I) and deeply in love with Helen. :) Gotta love those grooms.

The Wedding was held in a venue that is very special to me, The Rusty Pelican. Everytime I'm there for an Event, I can't help but relive my own Wedding there only 9 months ago. Helen & Donald's beautiful Ceremony was held in the lower patio at sunset. The weather was perfect, not humid as usual in Miami but rather nice and chilly.

When we talked about the Ceremony, I told Helen that I've always disliked the layout that TRP uses for ceremonies there. Until now, nobody had been original enough to do it different -at least from all the ceremony pictures I've seen- and I had a better layout in mind. Given that the space is oddly disctributed, a perfect layout can not be accomplished but I came up with a more cozy and "normal" ceremony layout so that Helen & Donald's guests would feel like they were part of that special moment rather than feeling like they have been invited to a runway show, which is exactly what the other set-up feels like.

It was a very emotional ceremony. Helen was given away by her uncle who couldn't hold his tears when he saw her coming down the stairs. Donald, waiting at the end of the aisle was in tears as well as the majority of the guests which made for a magical moment filled with love.

I will post the pics I took briefly. For now, here are some Pro-pics:

I also want to acknowledge the awesome team of vendors that Helen & Donald hired for their Big Day. The incredibly talented Gregory Paul and wife, Heidi were in charge of Photography; Javier from My Treasure Video was a pleasure to work with and DJ Brit had the guests dancing all night. Even guests from the next door party wanted to come over, LOL! I'm serious; they actually asked Helen or Donald. That is how much fun this Wedding was.

Helen & Donald, we wish you lots of happiness and many love-filled years ahead. You have each other to count on and that is the biggest blessing one can have. We'll be in touch and will take on you on the offer for Guitar Hero =) LOL! Thank you very much for letting us be a part of your Special Day.

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