Miami Wedding Planner: Tipping Vendors

To tip or not to tip? Or Who do I have to tip? or better yet Why do I have to tip {I'm already spending $$$ on my Wedding Vendors}?  These are the most frequently asked questions I get from my clients. There is a lot of confussion between what Etiquette dictates and what each Bride feels they should do.

Let's clear something up first though. Do you have to? No. You are not obligated to tip anyone unless it is spelled out in the Contract such as the service charge on your Catering Contract that is usually a percentage of your Total Balance.

Now, let's discuss some facts.

TIPS, as it was referred to before stands for "To Insure Prompt Service". When people first began to tip, they would do it before the service was performed as an incentive to deliver exceptional service.

TIP: a small present of money given directly to someone for performing a service or menial task.

Gratuity. It spells out exactly what tipping is all about. Tip is a voluntary gesture to show gratitude and to recognize those vendors who have provided outstanding service and gone above and beyond for you.

I'm sure you have heard the following: Wedding vendors who provide a Service rather than a Product should be tipped. For example: a DJ provides Entertainment/Music, this is considered a Service; a Linen company that rents Tablecloths & Napkins provides tangible Products. In addition, out of those vendors providing a Service, you should tip those who do not own the Company providing such service. Based on the exmple, if your DJ is not the business owner he should be tipped.

Still, I suggest handling tips on a case-by-case basis. If you strongly feel that you want to reward a certain vendor who exceeded your expectations, wether it's the business owner or providing a product, you can do so. People always want to go by the rules and forget that Weddings should be about themselves and represent who they are. If you feel like doing something from your heart, go with your gut feeling.

Remember when your Florist threw in your toss bouquet at no charge? How about when your Catering Director added an hour of Open Bar? Or when your DJ set-up a couple of extra Lights so you Ballroom can glow even more? You don't have to tip. But, keep in mind those vendors who go the extra mile {when they don't have to} to make your Wedding Day better than you envisioned.

Thank You cards are very appreciated by Wedding Professionals, I have my fair share blooming in a Board above my desk. It's makes me feel awesome when my Brides take the time to write a note after all the Wedding fuzz is over!

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