Going Pink!

Today marks the first day of the Breast Cancer Awareness month. As a healthy woman, I strongly believe in supporting the cause because this terrible disease can happen to anyone from young, beautiful women to amazing ladies like our moms or grandmothers.

Fortunately (and I'm truly grateful), I have not lived it first hand not even through close friends or relatives.
Nonetheless, that is not a reason why it should be ignored. I encourage all of you to be a part of this cause by supporting it in any way possible!


As Brides, you have the opportunity to help someone who suffers from Breast Cancer while you find your dream Wedding Gown. This is something you all look forward to and part of your Wedding Checklist anyway. You can realize your dream and make someone else's come true altogether. Brides Against Breast Cancer Foundation hosts Gown Sales Events to raise funds. This non-profit organization works with Making Memories Foundation to grant wishes to those losing their battle against Breast Cancer.

If you've already found THE dress, there are still other ways to help. Visit their website to find out how you can contribute to finding the cure to Breast Cancer. Go Pink!