Q & A: Should I hire a videographer?

One of the most common regrets Brides usually have post-Wedding is not having hired a Videographer.
I'm gonna tell you why.

I find that when Brides are building their Budget Spreadsheet (you do have one, right?), they budget for
Photography but often forget to include Video because:
a) They don't think they need one (after all, you did splurge on your Photojournalistic Photographer),
b) They don't want one (at the moment) and
c) "I'm only gonna watch it once and then put it away".

Yes, you do keep your pictures. You stalk your Photographer's Blog for teasers while you are Honeymooning and then anxiously wait for your album. But, after the Wedding most Brides feel it's all a blur and you'll want to relive your Wedding Day over and over again. Your pictures are a great way to capture your Day as it happens, telling the story through candid shots.

Video is a whole other way to relive your day, almost literally. You get to see everything that happened that day LIVE, even things you didn't get to see. For example, after your Ceremony you took Formal Portraits with your family and your Videographer captured your guests mingling in your Cocktail Hour, signing your Guestbook and taking funny pictures in your Photobooth. They're so much going on that it's virtually impossible to be everywhere as much as you sink in every moment.

So, let's revisit the 3 reasons, shall we?

a) They don't think they need one.
Consider if you want to relive your Day through beautiful still pictures only. If you are 100% sure you do,
then you might not need a Video. Keep in mind that you may feel completely different when the Wedding is over and there's no going back.

b) They don't want one (at the moment).
Usually, what happens is that you don't budget for Video at the beginning and by the time you realize that you do want one, it's too late. You didn't leave any wiggle room for "extras" and you're already over budget as it is. This is when you either end up with no Video, or can not afford the quality you really want.

c) "I'm only gonna watch it once and then put it away".
This one makes me laugh. There is NO way, you'll watch your Video only once and then put it away. From what I hear, it gets watched at least 3 times a day when you have Wedding Planning withdrawal. You watch, pause, you analyze the details that you planned so hard for 1 year. Another thing to remember is that, even if you're not a fan of Video, it is a nice memento to have for your kids of your Wedding.

It's always better to safe than sorry. If you budget for Video since the beginning, you'll have nothing to worry about. If along the way, you decide you no longer want it there's always something to use that money for. The problem lies when you don't account for it and are left working wonders to squeeze it in. Worst case scenario, at least have a Videographer to capture your Ceremony. This is what the day is all about, you and your fiance uniting in Marriage and saying your Vows to each other.

Think about it, talk it over with your fiance. Ask your married friends how they felt after the Wedding, those who did have Video and specially those who did not.

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