Movies and Social Media

Rod & I are huge movie watchers. I mean, huge. We either make it a Blockbuster night at home or a date night at the movies. Either way, we love to keep up with the top box-office hits. I had seen previews of The Social Network - the story behind Facebook - and knew we had to watch it, specially with all the buzz it has created.

So, on Saturday after a much-needed shopping spree with my mom, I told Rod that I wanted to go watch it. He looked up the next showing time and just like that, we were at the movie theater munching on curly fries and hot dogs.

You are not alone .... I, too, am addicted to Facebook!! There, I said it. It has become the best way to keep up with family, friends and c'mon let's admit it, we all love going through people's pics and find out who's on their friend list, etc.

We enjoyed the movie! It's engaging and keeps you interested. It has a bit of comedy and drama and the story line was great. Overall a great film. I think it's mind-blowing how a genious idea has truly changed the world we live in. To some for good, to others not so much. Facebook can become a tool or a nightmare, depending on the way you choose to use it.

I'm still learning about social media myself and I think we will just never be able to catch up. There's always something new and someone coming up with a new idea that tops the one you're starting to get used to. Did you watch The Social Network yet? What did you think?

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